OG Enik The Altrusian On Display

I swear I don’t surf the internet looking for new Land Of The Lost stuff. Com’on that would be crazy and just plain ridiculous. So I was online today looking for new Land Of The Lost stuff. Ha!

This is what I found today. A Land of the Lost OG Enik the Altrusian costume restoration and display. By the amazing Tom Spina Designs. Check out these classic pics.
Check out Tom Spina Designs website for more crazy freshness. Does anyone know Keir Neubauer out there? We need to meet up.


Modern Multiples is proud to present
Features 200 feet of public art by:
Shepard Fairey | Ezra | Zender | Swan | Felix | Marcel “SEL” Blanco | Haunted Euth | Tfail | Heaven | John Carr | Wheatpeace | Jaber | ENIKONE | Mars Bravo | Gianni Arone | Jake Hendrix Hakim | Catalina Bolivar and more.

Opening Reception TONIGHT Saturday December 14th
from 6pm-12am at Cypress Village Tunnel

Located across the street from Antigua Cultural Coffee House
3400 N. Figueroa St.,
Los Angeles, CA 90065

The NEW “ArtSlant Street” Site

Was asked to be feature as a spotlight artist on the new site “ArtSlant Street” a branch off “ArtSlant”. Check out all the freshness on www.artslantstreet.com Thanks Natalie @artslantstreet


Just got word from Yxta Maya Murray an American latina novelist and law professor. That The Harvard Journal on Racial and Ethnic Justice, a law review published by Harvard Law School will publish her 105 page article called “Inflammatory Statehood”. An article dealing with Arizona anti-immigrant policies. Which will include my artwork called “Proppertone”.
Much Thanks to Yxta Maya Murray.
newCoppertone1 “Americans have been taught that their nation is civilized and humane. But, too often, U.S. actions have been uncivilized and inhumane.” -Howard Zinn

“Hounds Of Love” TONIGHT!

The Hounds of Love
Group Exhibition to Benefit Downtown Dog Rescue
Curated by Nicole Bruckman & Marcos Saldana

Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 7th, 6-11pm
On View: September 7th – October 4th, 2013

Featuring works from:
Amanda Betz, Cory Benhatzel, Blinky, Mr. Brainwash, Nicole Bruckman, BumbleBee Loves You, Cache,Jose Carabes, Nick Carranza, L. Croskey, Cache, Cat Cult, Chase, Dame, DTOAR, EnikOne, Jeremy Enecio, Miguel Felipe, Desiree Fessler, Sam Flores, Maria Foto, Nate Frizzell, Ken Garduno, Jaime GERMS Zacarias, Jenna Gibson, Patrick Haemmerlein, Walt Hall, Sergio Hernandez, Shane Jessup, Angie Jones, Nom Kinnear King, Dave Kinsey, The London Police, Philip Lumbang, Dave Mac Dowell, Ryan Myers, Richard J Oliver, Julianna Parr, Alice Pine, Vyal Reyes, Amy Ross, Erwin Recinos, Marcos Saldaña, Heath Satow, Kenny Scharf, Michael Shields, OG Slick, Chris Stangl, Halsey Swain, Heidi Taillefer, Jackson Thilenius, Kelly Thompson, Shark Toof, Christopher Umana, Kelly Vivanco, Kari White, Robert Yancy, and Chet Zar

Cella Gallery
11135 Weddington St. #112
North Hollywood, CA 91601

25% of the sale of each art piece will be donated to Downtown Dog Rescue to aid in their work to save the lives of dogs off the streets of Los Angeles.