Why write?

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. What is the future of writing in the digital age, and why does it matter? In this surprising talk, Master Penman Jake Weidmann explores the connections between the pen and how we learn, think, and carry our cultural heritage at a time when the very act of writing is being dropped from school curricula across the country.

Jake Weidmann became the youngest person to receive his Master Penman certificate in July 2011. He works across several mediums including drawing in pencil and charcoal; pen and ink; painting in acrylic, airbrush, oil and gouache; sculpting in wood, bone, antler and clay; and is versed in numerous forms of calligraphy. He is best known for the integration of flourishing and hand- lettering in his art. Jake also designs his own hand-made pens. He, like his pens, travels the globe, reintroducing this Old World art form and cultivating its relevance in the world of today, of tomorrow, and forevermore.


The HIT+RUN 9-Year Anniversary Party
Please join us this Saturday night November 8th, 2014 for “REPEAT OFFENDER 9” the HIT+RUN 9-Year Anniversary Party taking place at The #Echoplex in Los Angeles, Presented by #DUBSPOT. The event will be hosted by GIOVANNI MARKS as well as boasting #nine dj sets and live performances by MONO/POLY, ZACKEY FORCE FUNK, CONTACT FIELD ORCHESTRA, CRIMEKILLZ, KATE MO$ (Scum & Gnar), MYSTERY CAVE, GATO LOCO (Gato Mercado & Emmanuel Coto) and CHITLINS. HIT+RUN will be #LiveScreenprinting all night long with exclusive designs by MIKE C, EMILY EVANS, ALEX KUHSE, YU MAEDA, RESTITUTION PRESS, ABCNT, MASCARIA, CHRISTOPHE GILLAND, MALKY, JAVI, MAGO, ENIKONE, MARK OF THE BEAST, H+R CREW and more! As with all REPEAT OFFENDER events, everyone wearing a HIT+RUN shirt from any past event gets FREE admission, plus the first 200 Crew through the door get one FREE blank black t-shirt to customize, and a limited-edition #RepOff9 Crew button. Plus FREE commemorative H+R Crew stickers for everyone courtesy of STICKY RICK! Big ups to DUBSPOT and all the #CREW!

THE ECHOPLEX (1156 Glendale Blvd, Echo Park, CA 90026) | 9pm-2am | 18+ | $10 / FREE TO EVERYONE WEARING A HIT+RUN SHIRT | DUBSPOT.COM

The Drinkable Book – Water is Life

A team of scientists and engineers from carnegie mellon and the university of virginia have developed “the Drinkable Book”. It is designed to educate people on how to purify water, and the paper inside the book is used to clean water. Ech book is printed on technologically advanced filter paper capable f killing a range of waterborne diseases like Cholera, Typhoid and E.Coli, and once the water is filtered it is 99.9 percent pure, which is similar to normal drinking water. This idea looks cool.
This filter paper will revolutionize water purification. It costs only pennies to produce, making it by far the cheapest option on the market. Each filter is capable of giving someone up to 30 days worth of clean water, and each book is capable of providing someone with clean water for up to 4 years. Once water is passed through the filter, bacteria count is reduced by over 99.99%, making the filtered water comparable to tap water in the United States of America.” The book was designed by Brian Gartside.